Photography, Web design, Advertising layout, Video

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Photography, Web, & more   

Equine photography is my specialty. My love for horses began almost 50 year ago, and I have been snapping pictures ever since I was first given a camera.  I love to draw and create, and the camera was the easy and simpler way to express the art!

The pasture is a wonderful place to find horses doing what horses do best!  Outdoor shows are also a favorite catching that jump or that pitter-patter trot on the rail.

I also do outdoor portraits, the subjects being young graduates or my grandchildren.

Websites are still a great way to advertise your farm and horses.  I've been a webmaster now for over 15 years, first building my own and then updating and creating websites for others.

Along with that I also offer ad design for publication and horse sale video: taping and editing.